The Throne and Place of Heaven
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Delivered By
Kevin Huber
Delivered On
September 5, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Jesus is the way to Heaven… When we believe we become born of the spirit and Heaven bound.

Jesus said it’s real place.

We got a hint of heaven in terms of what it might look like from Revelation.  A scene of those throwing rewards at the feet of Jesus, a ceremony we don’t want to attend empty handed if at all possible.

John is on the island of Patmos, surprised by a vision, there is a pivot at this point of the book, it never mentions the church again in the book. No one has ever seen what John has seen, a glimpse, an open door to heaven. Compares with 1 Thes 4:16 the rapture. John’s description is more complete then Paul 2 Cor. 12 third heaven.

He is invited into the throne room of God. How would you like that invitation? We are invited, maybe not in a vision but in our faith and eventual death or rapture. There is symbolically and open door to heaven thru Christ. Only trust and believe in Him.

Showing him what will take place after this? What is after this? End times, 7 churches just described. Rev 1:12-18 IDs the voice to be Christ.

V2, in the spirit, notice his regular body was not fit for heaven, he had spiritual form to see this vision. If you died, what would you see? Possibly this very throne John speaks about with Christ sitting on it.  A throne is mentioned 46x in rev and the church is never mentioned, the throne and presence of God supersedes the church. Shift in thinking from church to throne.